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Who We Are

Pen and Paper is your one-stop shop for stationery, office supplies, books, and gadgets.

Whether you have returned to school, work, or are still working from home, now seems like a good time to stop by our shop and treat yourself to a variety of products.

We stock a wide variety of quirky, unique, and hard to find stationery paper products from around the world, such as pens and pencils, wrapping paper, notebooks, tape and stickers.

Special offers and new products are added to our portfolio on a regular basis.

We are an independent outlet with well-known brand partners that primarily serves schools, creches, offices and other institutions.

At Pen and Paper, we are deeply committed to providing the best brands that will serve you better, more professionally, and with a wider range of options to choose from.

We are proud to provide the tools for success.


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Our Brands